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Skyjack 2014 › Pad Productions · Artistic Productions, Educational Productions and Outreach for Deaf Actors

 Skyjack (2014)

The PAD team were recruited by Lucy Hay to assist with character development for her most recent novella, commissioned by Cannabal Films. The story will be one of five included in Tear Me Apart, a movie scheduled for release in 2015, along with accompanying eBooks of the novellas. We worked with Lucy to create a strong character background and skillset that would be a realistic reflection of the deaf character caught up in... well.

You'll have to read it to find out...

"I approached PAD when I had questions about a character who has no hearing at all. They were so helpful, answering my (very specific!) questions in a concise and prompt way that really helped me visualise and relate to my character. I have no doubt their help will give authenticity to my story and writing. Thanks so much!"

- Lucy

Last updated 16th June 2016