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Shakespeare's Sentiments (2014)

An intensive 12-day project, looking at how the emotions and themes of Shakespeare's language can be brought to life without the spoken word. Deaf artists, actors, dancers and writers came together to explore whether Shakespeare's rich, visual poetic style can actually translate to physical language and art.

The project was entirely self-funded by PAD and provided a safe, encouraging space for individuals to explore their own understanding of Shakespeare as written language, but also how to relate it to their own forms of expression.

Highlights included a Beatrice and Benedick who used BSL as a weapon, a Puck who combined VV (Visual Vernacular) with physical theatre, dancing nymphs conveying emotions throughout a play, a beautifully intricate sculpture of Hamlet's soul and a Sonnet conveyed entirely though music and silence. 

The project ended with a free showcase, attended by members of the public and industry alike, and several of the participants have gone on to collaborations and further work as a direct result of Sentiments. 

"If I hadn't taken part in this, I would still be sitting at home thinking Shakespeare was just nonsense words nobody can understand, especially not Deaf people. Now, I'm heading to the Globe. It's mind-blowing."

"I have been involved with a lot of Shakespeare workshops, and the leaders have a tendency to be quite aggressive in their passion for what they do. Emily was very gentle, guiding us as a group and individuals, leaving us to figure out our own ideas, but there with ready knowledge if we needed her. More, please!"


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